Integrated solutions for smarter decision making




Smart Farming

Make the right decisions to save you time and money

Smart Water

Smart experimental design and real-time monitoring solutions for any situation

Smart Campaigns

Fully integrated education solutions for your environmental campaigns and programs 

Our skills

  • Bio2Lab have a skilled and expert team specialising in IoT solutions for the environmental and agricultural sectors
  • With over 20 years experience in the water, agriculture and education sectors, we are one of Australia's only environmental education enterprises dedicated to water pollution
  • Our focus is on increasing environmental awareness by engaging government, industry and the community through innovative technology and smart experimental design

The Team

Founder and Director
David specialises in scientific design, environmental communication and education strategy.
Founder and Director
Stephen specialises in real-time environmental monitoring systems and data analytics

Maybe your curious to see 


What we do 


We specialise in bespoke environmental monitoring programs for industry, government and the community



 Conduct and advise on water, agriculture, waste and soil monitoring solutions that turn data into information, ensuring better decision making



Develop custom easy to understand web-based data visualisations, report cards and infographics to help “explain” and “explore” your data


Custom environmental education programs that explore environmental issues, engage in problem solving and take action to improve the world around you

Company Profile

About us

At Bio2Lab, our long-term goal is to provide government, industry and the community with cost-effective monitoring and education solutions to increase ecological and social sustainability of our local environment.

Our values

We acknowledge our responsibilities to the environment, our clients, their stakeholders and the community

​We at all times maintain our professional integrity and deliver on our commitments

We will always conduct our business in a sustainable way with minimal impact on the environment

Have respect for our team, clients, partners and the community, and embrace openness and diversity

Build our business around trust-based relationships and open, regular and constructive communication 

Our Mission

At Bio2Lab, our mission is to deliver innovative solutions to reduce the ecological, social and economic impact of pollutants on the built environment.