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Bio2Lab is a specialist monitoring and data analytics consulting company.

We develop real-time monitoring solutions for a range of industries and applications, and then translate that data into meaningful information through data analytics and visualisation

Since 2017 our mission has been to provide monitoring solutions that make a real difference to government, industry and the community.

We work with a range of partners to find innovative solutions to everyday environmental problems.

 A Cooperative Research Centre
for Rapid and in-field molecular diagnostics
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Environmental Intelligence

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What do we do 

The only effective solution for assessing risk to stormwater assets in Australia

No need to take samples back to the laboratory. Conduct rapid eDNA assays on-site 


Pollution Assessment

Specialists in chemicals of concern identification and profiling and pollution management

Integrated and customised real-time monitoring solutions for any situation, ensuring better decision making

Analytics and Intelligence

 Custom and intuitive interactive data reports and dashboards to help you transform your data

Over 30 years experience in the design and analysis of environmental monitoring programs

The Management Team

Founder and Director
David Sharley is one of the founding directors at Bio2Lab. He has more than 20 years’ experience as an environmental…
Founder and Director
Stephen specialises in real-time environmental monitoring systems and data analytics
Real-time water quality sensor system


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Pollution makes us miserable as well as sick

It seems pollution is not just bad for our health, but also for our mood, MIT researchers report :(

The importance of Integrated Environmental Monitoring (IEM)

Integrated monitoring is an ongoing and systematic process to analyse, assess and interpret environmental quality. Integrated monitoring measures the physical, chemical and biological effects of environmental stressors on ecological and human health. It is critical that programs provide data sharing integrations that enhance the exchange of ideas and information to provide solutions to priority issues. Adaptive management incorporates monitoring as a requirement to continually adjust outcomes and objectives, all of which are driven by the incoming data. It is a structured, iterative process of optimal decision making in the face of uncertainty, which aims to reduce uncertainty over time. At Bio2Lab, we understand the importance of incorporating adaptive management into on-going strategic investigations. Monitoring can tell us if we are on track. The primary benefit of integrated monitoring is to check that policy statement, plan, or investigation has resulted in the environmental outcome expected. It provides information to understand the current state of the environment and assess whether things are getting better or worse.

               Monitoring can provide many benefits such as:

                                      Early warning of issues or problems before they become serious.

                                      Can prompt adjustments if current approaches are not working

                                      Provides a better understanding of the key pressures on the environment

                                      Increase policy effectiveness

                                      Contribute to feedback loops and systems

                                      Better formulation of policies

                                      Increased accountability