Integrated monitoring solutions for smarter decision making




Bio2Lab is a specialist monitoring and data analytics consulting company.

We develop real-time monitoring solutions for a range of industries and applications, and then translate that data into meaningful information through data analytics and visualisation

Since 2017 our mission has been to provide monitoring solutions that make a real difference to government, industry and the community.

We work with a range of partners to find solutions to everyday problems.

Smart environmental sensors

Portable molecular diagnostics

Stormwater asset assessment

Data analytics and communication

Real-time monitoring

anywhere you

need it.


What do we do 

Portable Real-time eDNA

Real-time eDNA for those on the move. Detect target species in minutes wherever you are in the world.


IoT Enabled Sensors

Integrated and customised real-time monitoring solutions for any situation, ensuring better decision making

Analytics and Intelligence

We develop custom and intuitive interactive data reports and dashboards to help you transform the way you use data

Stormwater assessment

The only effective solution for assessing stormwater assets in Australia

The Team

Founder and Director
David specialises in scientific design, environmental communication and education strategy.
Founder and Director
Stephen specialises in real-time environmental monitoring systems and data analytics