Pollution profiling and environmental assessment of waterways in the Upper Dandenong Creek region

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Interim Report

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Recent pollution events in the Upper reaches of Dandenong Creek have resulted in fish kills and decreases in water quality. To prevent similar events from occurring in the future, identification of pollution sources in the catchment is critical. Stormwater pollutant fingerprinting technology developed at Bio2Lab will be used to identify pollution hotspots and identify priority pollutants and catchments for further investigation.

What’s being done

High resolution sediment surveys

Sediments are a major sink for pollutants, posing a risk to sediment-dwelling organisms which play an critical role in ecosystem dynamics and are an important food sources for platypus, fish, birds, frogs and turtles. Surveys will provide information on the health of Dandenong Creek.

Stormwater pollution profiles

Stormwater fingerprinting technology developed at Bio2Lab to detect and quantify pulse pollution events will be deployed. This information will identify priority contaminants and catchments for further investigation.

Community and business education and awareness 

This project aims to raise awareness about invisible pollutants and toxicants impacting the health of urban waterways. 

​Development of a web-based interactive education tool will help business and the community better understand the impact of pollutants on their local environment. It will also provide an education platform to aid other pollution reduction and education programs.

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