water quality sensors deployed in the Campaspe River

Monitoring the health of the Campaspe River

The Campaspe River is an inland intermittent river in north-central Victoria. It forms part of the Murray Darling Basin.  The headwaters of the Campaspe River rise on the northern slopes […]

Science-driven stormwater education program

Introduction In urban areas, rain that falls on roads, roofs, pavements and other hard surfaces is usually swept across these surfaces as runoff. As runoff flows across these hard surfaces […]

Connecting planning controls with pollution profiling

City of Greater Dandenong’s stormwater management program has identified industrial estates as being major contributors to stormwater pollution. Contaminants entering local waterways impact the health of local waterways . To […]

Moonee Ponds Creek Water Quality Characterisation

Melbourne City Council is determined to reduce their potable water use, and decrease stormwater runoff. To do this they are proposing a stormwater harvesting scheme to compliment existing irrigation schemes. […]

Assessing sediment quality in a local coastal waterway

Kananook Creek in Frankston has been the subject of consistent complaints regarding poor water quality and the unsightly accumulation of fine black sediment. Resident complaints have centred on excessive accumulation […]